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Natural Sea Salts

French Fleur de Sel (Flower of the Salt) – Considered one of the finest finishing salts in the world.  Known for great texture and flavor it is best for finishing meals, or to garnish salted caramels and chocolates. FINISHING $11.50 – ADD TO CART
French Grey  – This extremely mineral rich sea salt is solar evaporated and naturally infused with edible grey clay during harvesting. It has a great texture and an unmistakable flavor which makes this a wonderful cooking salt. COOKING $11.50 – ADD TO CART
Himalayan Pink – Our Himalayan Pink Salt is perfect for cooking and finishing. It is easy to use and tastes great on everything. Being 200 million years old it is extremely high in trace minerals. The pink color is from iron deposits. COOKING/FINISHING $11.50 – ADD TO CART

Infused Sea Salts

Asian Ginger – Great on Asian Cuisine like noodles, stir-fry, soups and sauces.
$12.50 – ADD TO CART
Garlic & Onion – While a classic blend, this garlic and onion merge together to create a one of a kind aromatic sea salt. Full of flavor, it’s great when used to season sauces, vegetables, stews, potatoes or casserole dishes. COOKING/FINISHING $11.50 – ADD TO CART
Garlic Medley – This medley of garlic, salt and herbs is wonderful on vegetables, chicken, fish, eggs, potatoes, and marinara sauces. Use as a finishing or cooking salt to add a robust flavor to any meal.
$11.50 – ADD TO CART
Ghost Pepper – Not for the faint of heart, this pepper is known for extreme heat. Use sparingly to spice up any meal including steak, potatoes, vegetables, poultry and tacos. COOKING – FINISHING $11.50 – ADD TO CART
Habanero – Our Habanero Sea Salt is a spice lover’s dream come true. This fusion of habanero and salt is perfect for spicing up any meal. Use if often but sparingly to create unforgettable entrees. COOKING/FINISHING $11.50 – ADD TO CART
Hawaiian Black Lava – This beautiful black finishing salt has great texture and wonderful presentation. Activated charcoal is combined with gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt to create this distinctive Black Sea Salt.
$11.50 – ADD TO CART
Lime – Our Lime Sea Salt is a wonderful addition to scallops, halibut, chicken and rice. It is ideal as a finishing salt on salads or vegetables but also makes a great rub on poultry or lamb. Its flavor is unmistakable. COOKING/FINISHING $11.50 – ADD TO CART
Porcini – Our Porcini Sea Salt is a wonderful mélange of sea salt and wild porcini mushrooms. It is magnificent for adding to potatoes, salads, roasted vegetables or chicken. Also try as a rub on any type of meat. COOKING/FINISHING $12.50 – ADD TO CART
Truffle – Imported from Italy, this Truffle Sea Salt is one of the most aromatic and best tasting truffle salts in the world. It is traditionally used to make healthy and irresistible truffle popcorn, french fries, pasta, salads, fish and poultry. COOKING/FINISHING $20.00 – ADD TO CART

Blended Sea Salts

Spicy Garlic Pepper – A fantastic blend of pepper, garlic and habanero, this salt is exceptional as a rub on steak or chicken and with vegetables. It is traditionally preferred as a cooking salt, but it can also be used to finish a plate. COOKING/FINISHING $12.50 – ADD TO CART

Smoked Sea Salts

Smoked Bacon Chipotle – Our Smoked Bacon Sea Salt and Chipotle Peppers make the perfect pair! This best selling salt is perfect for transforming a classic dish into an exceptional entrée! $11.50 – ADD TO CART
Smoked Garlic – Using our Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt and garlic we have created a new consumer favorite. This salt is magnificent as a rub on salmon, red meats or poultry. It is also best on potatoes or vegetables for an unforgettable flavor. COOKING/FINISHING $11.50 – ADD TO CART